Ashley Alban - But God Says Its OK
Ashley Alban - But God Says Its OK

Ashley Alban - But God Says Its OK

Your step-daughter Ashley is quietly engrossed in her Bible study. As you watch her, she furrows her eyebrows, highlights a section, and then looks up and says that she has a question. She says that in Genesis, Lotís daughters both have sex with him. Ashley says that she thought that was wrong. You explain that they did that to continue his line since his wife died after they left Sodom. ďSo God is OK with that?Ē Ashley asks. You say yes, under those kinds of circumstances. Ashley then looks straight at you and asks if you two should do that. You are taken aback. She says that you are only her step-dad and her Mom is gone now. She says that it should be better for her to do it instead of some other woman. Ashley asks if you donít think sheís a woman, and thatís why you arenít interested. She says that she has grown up a lot now that sheís eighteen, and she begins to take off her sweater.
Itís true that you have been lonely since her mom died, and you have noticed how much Ashley has developed recently, but this feels so wrong. Ashley unbuttons her blouse to reveal her large, young breasts. She assures you that she can make you happy, and it is clearly what God wants in this kind of situation. She removes her bra, and you donít know why but you canít tell her to stop. She unzips her skirt and slides it off as well, then turns to jiggle her ass. You are rock hard and she can tell. She begs you to take out your dick and pleasure yourself. She says that she wants you to feel good. Ashley begins to touch herself as well and talks about how she has never seen a manís penis in real life before. She tells you how wet you are making her and she removes her panties. Ashley begs you to cum. She wants to see that white cream squirt out of your dick. You stroke hard and cum harder. Ashley smiles. She says that maybe next time you can take her virginity if you want to.
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Added: 12/3/17

Ashley Alban - But God Says Its OK


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