Pampered Penny - Mommie Diapers Your Erection
Pampered Penny - Mommie Diapers Your Erection

Pampered Penny - Mommie Diapers Your Erection

So, sweetheart, I’ve been noticing, as has everyone else, that you’ve been getting a lot of hard-ons. I know that you’re really embarrassed, so Mommie sat down and tried to think of something that we could do to help you stop. Actually…do you have a hard-on right now? Oh god, I can see it! Can Mommie get it out of your pants really quick to have a look? I examine your erection, asking you lots of embarrassing questions about how you jerk off and even playing with you a little.
I came up with what I think is a unique solution: diapers! I hope that the crinkling noise will embarrass you out of being hard. I mean, of course you won’t *like* wearing diapers. It’s worth a try, right? I unfold the big, thick diaper and have you lie down on it. However, your diapering turns into a cock massage with babie oil and then a straight up hand job! I tape up your diaper before you cum, but I keep rubbing the front of it to help you settle into your diaper. You start to make a funny face as Mommie rubs it more and more, harder and faster. How long do you think it will take for Mommie to give your diaper a wet, creamy center?
Seeing that one diaper isn’t enough to desensitize you from cumming, Mommie decides to double diaper you! Maybe this will help you learn not to have accidents, although…it almost feels like you’re getting hard again. I guess I’d better cancel your plans so that you can just stay home with me today.

Pampered Penny - Mommie Diapers Your Erection


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