Miss H - Sniff My Worn Pantyhose, Buy Them And Burn My Scent Into Your Brain
Miss H - Sniff My Worn Pantyhose, Buy Them And Burn My Scent Into Your Brain

Miss H - Sniff My Worn Pantyhose, Buy Them And Burn My Scent Into Your Brain

Iíve had a very long day at work, a rough day at the office. Iíve been on my feet all day. Iíve been sweating quite a bit in my pantyhose. So you, my little pantyhose addict, are going to get a treat. If you give me what I want. My sexy nylons are extra stinky today. Look how hot my legs and ass look in these pantyhose. I know you love it. Youíre a fucking addict for pantyhose. You love the way they look on me. Theyíre so smooth, so shiny. But mostly you love how they smell. Youíre a freak.Sniff them loser. Sniff my ass and my feet through these pantyhose. I even want you to sniff my pussy. I want you to take in my scent through these stockings. I want you to burn my scent into your brain. Let it !nt0x!cate you. Now sniff my feet loser. Good boy. How badly would you want to own these pantyhose? Yes, I know you would loser. Youíd sniff them and jerk off to them and wrap them around your horny penis.Worn stockings own you, you canít help it, youíre just weak for them. You crave them. You knees go weak every time you see a girl wearing pantyhose. You canít do anything about it except to beg and plead to own the stockings worn by women. And you can own these loser, all you have to do is send me your money. And then you can sniff and jerk to them all you want.You can wear them, jerk off to them, or shove them in your mouth as you jerk your cock while watching my clips. I donít give a fuck what you do as long as you pay me. I know you canít help yourself. Your dick is hard and your brain is soft. I know youíre stroking to the thought of owning these. Youíre a fucking pantyhose addict. Jerk it loser, jerk your brain out to the thought of being able to own and sniff these pantyhose. You get off on worn pantyhose, pathetic.Itís so hot knowing that I know your weakness and how to use it against you. I love knowing that only I know about your sick fetish. I can make you weak and break you and you love that I have this power over you. Now go on, pay me and you can own these very pantyhose... Email me...

Added: 1/10/18

Miss H - Sniff My Worn Pantyhose, Buy Them And Burn My Scent Into Your Brain


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