Goddess Jolene - Manipulated By A Hot Brat At Sex Addicts Anonymous
Goddess Jolene - Manipulated By A Hot Brat At Sex Addicts Anonymous

Goddess Jolene - Manipulated By A Hot Brat At Sex Addicts Anonymous

Youíve finally decided to kick this habit. So you go to your first sex addicts anonymous meeting. You share to the group about your addiction to bratty girls on the internet. After the class, a tall leggy blonde approaches youÖĒSo this is your first meeting too? I never thought Iíd find myself here. I heard you share and it was really inspiring to me. I was too nervous to talk but the stuff you were talking about really hit home for me, I could totally relate because I used to be one of those girls. I spent hours online every day manipulating guys for money. So I was thinking maybe we can work with each other and help each other out since we share kind of a similar experience. You are addicted to hot bratty girls and well Iím one of them. I know what you like, you like girls like me who manipulate you and take advantage of you and ruin your life. I get it. Really I do.ĒĒSo Iím hoping we can help each other break the cycle, it could be like therapy. And since itís like therapy um well maybe you could pay me for my time and I could help you come to terms with why youíre such a pathetic loser. Oh did that turn you on? You kinda shifted uncomfortably when I said that you were a loser thatís going to pay me money. Donít be shy. Maybe I can help you be less of a pathetic fucking loser.ĒĒIím sure you have a little dick too. Oh sorry, that was too far. See this is why I need help. And so do you, so every week you can pay me and we can talk about what a fucking loser you are and how youíre most likely always going to revert back to your addiction. So youíre going to be paying me money until your broke, um cured. Because thereís no hope for you to every stop this vicious cycle. Iím not a psychologist but it seems youíre controlled by your little dick. And this somehow causes you to seek out girls who tell you how worthless you are. Iím just trying to understand you, a little open communication.ĒĒYou see if Iím going to help you well then I really need to crawl inside your brain and understand what makes you horny, I mean tick. Maybe this will help me too because I truly enjoy preying on the weak and taking their money. So I think this is going to be a really beneficial for both of us. Iím sure your dick must be really small, itís ok, you can tell me. I need to know in order to understand your weaknesses. Just so I can help you of course. Iím sure you were scarred by girls in high school who laughed at your little penis and then you ended up on the internet looking for more girls to laugh at you. Yea, Iíve met quite a few guys like you and I think I know exactly how to manipulate, I mean help you. Itís so funny I never thought that Iíd come here to help me fix my mean streak and then come here and find a fucking loser like you, LOL! Ok well Iíll see you next week, remember to bring me some cashÖĒ

Added: 2/4/18

Goddess Jolene - Manipulated By A Hot Brat At Sex Addicts Anonymous


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