Cruel Girlfriend - Sex Party Condom Collection
Cruel Girlfriend - Sex Party Condom Collection

Cruel Girlfriend - Sex Party Condom Collection

OMG you're so excited to be coming to the sex party with me aren't you? Your eyes literally lit up when I said you could escort me there. You're such a drooling limp-dicked cuckold - have you even thought why a hot girl like me would want to take a wimp like you to an actual sex party? Surely it doesn't make sense that I'd let you come along and embarrass me by trying to feeble-fuck a hot girl? No cucky - you're not coming to join in the party - you're coming to serve. You're not man enough to fuck me anymore so you're certainly not man enough to take part in the all the action at a sex party. You're a cuckold now - a beta male loser whose girlfriend fucks other men. Cuckolds are not for sex - they are for serving duties and humiliating. So tonight, while everyone is having fun, fucking, getting their cocks sucked, and cumming their alpha loads into the hottest party girls you've ever seen, you'll be crawling around the club with a condom collection box around your neck - collecting up all the used condoms from the studs who know how to fuck. Girls are going to be laughing at you as you patiently wait for their stud to finish fucking them so you can pick up his discarded cumload and drop it into your little collection box. At the end of the evening you'll be rewarded for your clean-up efforts with a delicious meal - fresh from your collection box. I'll make you kneel down in front of all the party guests and I'll empty every last one of them all over your humiliated cuckold face and down your throat.

Cruel Girlfriend - Sex Party Condom Collection


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