Princess Pilar - XXXTreme Intox MINDFUCK: Ciroc, Redbull & PoppersXL
Princess Pilar - XXXTreme Intox MINDFUCK: Ciroc, Redbull & PoppersXL

Princess Pilar - XXXTreme Intox MINDFUCK: Ciroc, Redbull & PoppersXL

A more intense version of the Orginal XXXTreme Intox session. Like the coke effect, but better, and this time it's a Mindfuck!
You will need: 200-300mL of Ciroc or similar , 1-2 Energy drinks (like Redbull, I have an organic Steaz energy drink, but anything with high levels of caffeine will do), and... drumroll... !
*** For this session, you will need TWO bottles of , you need a FRESH bottle of for the very end, before I let you cum, you are going to REALLY lose your mind for Me. FRESH are BETTER, you don't want to use an old bottle that has been exposed to the air too many times.***
This session is time-specific and administered by Me, you can pause the clip when ever you need to... this is high tolerance intoxication... if you know you don't have a high tolerance, do not try to complete this session because you are doing this at your own risk. This might be too much for even for those who are very experienced, if you finish the video, you get to cum, but don't say I didn't warn you. Purchasing this content constitutes your agreement that I am not responsible for anything that happens to you, those around you, or your surroundings, before, during, or after viewing or listening to any part of this video. This is for adult entertainment purposes only, proceed at your own risk. Buy this to see what I have concocted for you! Enjoy
Price: $38.99 USD
Added: 7/21/17

Princess Pilar - XXXTreme Intox MINDFUCK: Ciroc, Redbull & PoppersXL


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