Madam Violet - This Isn't Blackmail (But It Could Be)
Madam Violet - This Isn't Blackmail (But It Could Be)

Madam Violet - This Isn't Blackmail (But It Could Be)

The Sequel to Trust Me (This Isn't Blackmail). So you've waited for over 24 hours, waiting and wondering....what I think of your cock, what I think of your face...even though you know you're a worthless slave to Me a part of you still hopes that you've made an impression....but also wonders if you've made a mistake...
Silly slave - I don't care what you look like! I care that you OBEY. I care that you feel as though I have the upper hand, that I have control....and I do. I have so much MORE POWER now. I would never break your trust, it doesn't mean I don't fantasise about doing it. Truly fucking you over, with no mercy shown, it doesn’t count if imagining it makes Me wet…I will never follow through…
With one SNAP and the trigger words you are back where you were before, under My hipn0tic control, HARD and even MORE desperate to cum. Stroke for My body, My tits spilling out of My bra, one SNAP you stroke two SNAPS you stop. Good boy....As My bra hits the floor.
After fucking with your cock and your mind some more I finally give you the CUM countdown you've been desperately waiting will be SO much more intense now you've taken the LEAP, now you've shown Me who you that you TRUST ME….you will CUM at the count of TEN - give or take…there’s always wiggle room when you’re dealing with a Goddess…
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Added: 7/18/17

Madam Violet - This Isn't Blackmail (But It Could Be)


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