Ashley Alban - Finding Your Hidden Camera
Ashley Alban - Finding Your Hidden Camera

Ashley Alban - Finding Your Hidden Camera

A few months ago you got a new roommate: a hot girl with a big ass. While she was out one day, you set up a couple of hidden cameras in her bedroom. For months you have been secretly jacking off to videos of her in her room doing chores, changing her clothes and walking around naked. One day you come home to check the newest footage. She is wearing tight pink yoga pants that are fairly see-through. Are her panties black or blue? Well, youíll find out eventually when she changes. You have the cameras set up at a low angle so you can really check out her fat ass. She moves around putting up laundry while she talks to her self a bit. You love watching her ass and you start to jerk off. She decides that she wants to change into a more comfortable sports bra and as she is about to remove her bra she freezes. She bends over at looks straight at one of your cameras! Neither of you can believe that she just found a camera. You watch in suspense as she starts to freak out knowing that her roommate (you) must be spying on her. But once the initial shock wears off she thinks itís kind of funny. She talks directly to the camera and says that sheíll give you a real show this time. She admits that she thinks youíre cute, and although the hidden camera thing is pretty weird, she decides that this might actually be a good way to break the ice between the two of you. She turns and puts her ass to the camera and asks if her butt is what you like best. She assumes it must be based on where you hid the camera so she begins to strip out of her clothes while jiggling her ass and teasing you. She tells you to stroke your dick because after you cum you better come into her room and lick her pussy as payment.

Ashley Alban - Finding Your Hidden Camera


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